Art has long been a form of communication that has been used to express both historical events as well as the thoughts and emotions of current events.

WWI ended 100 years ago this year. Also 2018 is a midterm election year. We would like to remind you to exercise your right to vote. We honor the veterans that have long fought for our freedoms to use our voice as well as our brushes to enhance the world in which we live.

Featured Artists: Michelle Leivan, Brenda Meairs, Johanna Hanks, Kristine A. Luber, and Patty Rigg Blake.

While you are here checking out the show you can also give a donation to the Topeka Rescue Mission. Donations can be made via cash in the jar or with credit or debit card. The NOTO Arts and Entertainment District honors our nation’s veterans by seeking donations from our visitors to help the homeless in our community, many of whom are veterans. Nationally, about 11% of the adult homeless population are veterans. All money collected will be given to the Topeka Rescue Mission to help them meet their general mission of serving over 2,000 individuals each year.

Obsession with psyche and frustration with mainstream media, painter Michelle Leivan punches back with colorful archetypes and identities of individualism. With diverse influences as Frida Kahlo and André Derain she generates new insights from both simple imagery and cryptic dialogues. Trained in her medium in remote wild west of Kansas gaining her BFA in painting from Fort Hays State University and the school of risk and failure.

Michelle Leivan

Featured Artist

Kristine A. Luber has a degree in elementary education and has worked in non-traditional education settings. As a religious educator, she designed banners for worship and led children and youth in creating religious art projects. She sews liturgical vestments, and she is a member of the costume team at Topeka Civic Theatre. It is a rare day when she does not have a needle in hand to sew “something.”

In recent years Luber has begun her own textile work, specializing in fabric collages incorporating photographs printed on fabric, thread painting, and bead work. Her wall hangings and fabric flowers have been displayed at shows and galleries in Northeast Kansas and beyond, winning awards at Signs of Life in Lawrence, the Brown v. Board Historic site in Topeka, the DeSoto Sunflower Festival and Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City, Missouri. Her pieces, sold at auction, have raised thousands for various charities.

Kristine A. Luber

Featured Artist

Brenda began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, spending every free minute working on all kinds of drawings and paintings. She became a graphic designer at age 21 and continued in that field for the next 33 years. In addition, Brenda learned woodcarving, antler carving, making stained glass windows, acid etching on bullet casings, jewelry making, clay sculptures and furniture refinishing. During this time she became an Army wife to SSG Kris Meairs. After he retired, Brenda was also able to retire and finally focus on her dreams of becoming a full-time artist. She signs most drawings and paintings with MurphyDoodle. Which was a private joke because no matter what she did, her husband would say she “MurphyDoodled” it. Murphy, because that is the name of her beloved Australian Shepherd who follows her everywhere, and Doodle because that’s just what artists do.

Brenda Meairs

Featured Artist